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You are playing one or more roulette systems and want to know how your personal results are developing? We create a MS Excel spreadsheet for you to record your sessions and display your individual statistical performance! With such a spreadsheet you can document your session results, analyse the accuracy of your playing performance and improve your skill by evaluating the charts. We creat spreadsheet not only for systems sold on our website but also for your other ones on demand. Just submit your system description with the entire rule set to get a custom spreadsheet.

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Roulette Spreadsheet Features

Our Roulette System Spreadsheets are functional in Microsoft Excel. In order to use them you need to have installed MS Excel on your computer. They only work on PC or Notebooks but not on mobile devices. You can track roulette numbers of your games which will be processed and recorded in an Excel file. The spreadsheets record your roulette numbers, bets and results and are processed automatically to analyse your game performance. If you play our systems in land based casinos you can use paper copies for tracking. Later when you are back home you may enter your data via the Excel form in order to obtain overall game statistics for both your online and land based casino games.
Standard Spreadsheets are delivered via e-mail within 48 hours.


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