Custom Roulette System Test

Get a full statistical Report of your own System

You have developed your own roulette system and want to know how it performs over a 1000, 10.000, or 100.000 games sample? Just submit your system description with the entire rule set to get a full statistical performance report! Or are you excited to know how a specific system performs in your favorite casino or even on a specific roulette wheel? No Problem, just submit your spin sample and we run a completely customized system test. If you don't have your own spins at hand we run the test with our 1 Million RNG or Live Dealer spins.

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System Test Order Form

Please submit your system description and preferred stacking method including money management rules. Describe also your special demands of the test if any. If all aspects are clear to our research team you will be informed about the estimated operation time for the test. Our finance department will send you an invoice then.
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What you get

You get your full system performance report including lots of charts and graphics. Our report eBooks provides system analysis data of a minimum of 1000 games test samples for RNG and Live Dealer Roulette separately. Optionally we test your system with the spins you provided. You get details about number of won and lost games, longest losing and winning streaks, possible profit developments, and much more. Please get in contact for estimated processing time.

  • Full performance report

  • Fully illustrated game analysis

  • Minimum 1000 games RNG test

  • Minimum 1000 games Live test

  • Customer spins test optional

  • High quality PDF eBook