How to overcome Yourself

Psychology of Gambling

The character, psyche and attitudes of the roulette player are as important as his playing method. All your vices and traits are tested in the casino. Greed, bad judgement, arrogance and bad temper are vulnerabilities that will be paid for dearly at the roulette table, even if you had a great system.

We ask ourselves why we gamble, we explore the reason and mechanics of losing, we are aware of the danger of gambling addiction and we will continue to study ourselves as gamblers and the psychological, sentimental, intellectual and existential parameters of the gambling phenomenon.


Ego can take over, anger and tension can arise. All of this shrouds judgment of important decisions, and can cause players to act in ways that they would not usually dream of acting in a logical state. Our emotions conflict with the logic of the game, and in a game of logic this can only lead to loss! Money also triggers emotion, and wherever large amounts of it are in play, emotions are running high in some people.


During a downswing it becomes increasingly difficult to remain emotional controlled enough to continue to make the correct decisions; the ones that make us a profitable player in the first place. A downswing can be very tiring, and can go on for months or years. Many players experience a large losing streak over time, and quit the game in a rage. This is more sensible than carrying on with no emotional control at least.


The most destructive emotion and the one that causes us to lose the most is greed. When greed and ego take over system rules go out of the window and are replaced by wild betting, eventually leading to our own demise.When loss becomes more serious it is time to think about slowing down, so that the loss do not become something that leaks out of the casino, and into your life.

Winner Mindset

Randy Jones published a great coaching eBook which will help you to develop the right mental abilities to win gambling. The Pro-Gambler Mindset shows you step by step how to get the mindset professional gamblers have.