How to Win without a Winning System


What is a Winning Roulette System

There is a huge discussion going on about the most fundamental issue of whether it is possible at all to win or not. Can there ever be a winning strategy, a winning system or method, given the randomness of the game and the 2,7% payout disadvantage of the player against the house? This is a flawed question and it is the wrong question. And above all, it is a question without any real value. First of all, we need to define what we mean by Winning System.

1. Do we mean a system that can produce consistent profits given any possible series of spin outcomes? There is no such system. Because no one can guarantee 100% that the outcome of the next spin will not be different than what we have bet on.

2. Do we mean a system that somehow negates the player payout disadvantage? There is not such system. The house edge is the commercial basis of all casinos. Exceptions are biased or defect wheels or a dealers collaborating with players in oder to cheat the casino and of course electronic cheating devices. But these things I would not call Systems.

3. Do we mean a system that can provide the player with an advantage, based on roulette insights from experience and probability theory? This definition is the only definition worth pursuing. This is the only question worth asking.

The problem is that most people define a winning system as in article 1 or 2. They want a straight, clear system producing easy and sure profits. They want proof, consistency and certainty. Well, they won't get any! There is no such system. If you are looking for such a system better stop gambling.

The Chase of the Holy Grail

In the game of roulette people overvalue certainty. Life is full of uncertainties. We have no idea when we die, or if it will rain in a week at 10:00 am, or if a stock will do well. Yet we require absolute, provable certainty from the random game of roulette. This is ridiculous. You live a life in which nothing is certain. At the same time you dismiss any roulette approach that isn't a 100% foolproof consistent winner. If you had the same requirements of certainty in any other endeavor of your life, you'd be considered a psycho. Still, you ask for certainty in roulette.

Above all, this approach is irrelevant to the practical issue of making money. Making money has nothing to do with guaranties and equations. There is no 100% guarantee that a business will make money, though that is no reason not to start a business. No one could ever be 100% sure. Does that mean you cannot become successful? Something being uncertain does not mean it is not likely.

What there is, are strategies that are better than others! The benefit of a really good strategy is that is offers you better chances of being a winner than a loser, but nothing is 100% sure. Of the 100 people who will follow a really good strategy 60% might be winners, while the rest 40% would have lost money. You must understand that an advantage does not always results in success. And this is true for the casino and for the player as it is for everyone else.

The right Approach

The best way to understanding roulette is to actually play. This can be expensive and time consuming but we can pick from a wide variety of Online Casinos, this give us the fortunate opportunity of trying things out comfortably and without pay from home first and only then head out to the real casino and invest real money.

So quit having unrealistic expectations. Let the naysayers keep looking for risk-less profit and making a big deal out of not finding any. Study, think, test and take your risks. Stop asking for sure profits. Profits without risk do not exist. Not in roulette, nor anywhere else. Start looking for profits by knowingly taking risks. Read our eBook in order to adopt the mindset of professional gamblers.