Two Columns No 1

Roulette System for bets on two columns

This System is played on two columns at a time and a single game requires about 11 - 20 roulette spins. You play for one win in one to two bet rounds while covering two columns of the roulette layout. In our 1000 games test sample it could achieve a profit of 0,98 and 0,93 bet units on average for one game played on RNG and Live Dealer Roulette respectively.

You can play this system in land based casinos or online. In order to play this system recording of roulette numbers is required either by paper and pencil or by a tracking tool.


System Analysis Data

RNG Results

Disribution of 1000 games played on RNG Roulette

RNG Profit

Profit development graph on RNG Roulette

Live Dealer Results

Disribution of 1000 games played on Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Profit

Profit development graph on Live Dealer Roulette

What you get

Watch a Video

You get a full system description including step by step how-to play guide. All game rules are explained in detail and possible game situations are illustrated in several game examples with lots of images and graphics.

Additionally our Roulette Systems eBooks provide system analysis data of our 1000 games test samples for RNG and Live Dealer Roulette separately. You get details about number of won and lost games, longest losing streaks, possible profit developments, and much more.

  • Full Roulette System description

  • Step by step game instruction

  • Fully illustrated game examples

  • 1000 games test on RNG Roulette

  • 1000 games test on Live Roulette

  • System analysis data included

  • High quality 24 pages PDF eBook

  • Delivery within 48 hours via email