The Oscar's Grind


How the Oscar's Grind works

The Oscar's Grind, also known as Hoyle's Press, is a positive progression strategy initially invented for the even chances like Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low. On the internet you can find many different variations of that strategy with mixed up namings. You may find these named as the Pluscoup Progression, the Parlay Progression, the Paroli Strategy or as the Reverse Martingale.

The idea behind the original Oscar's Grind is that the results of an even chance game often come in series. Losses and wins often come in streaks. In a way, the strategy tries to follow the trend in streaks. It keeps the bets low in losing streaks and increase them in winning streaks which hopefully will follow in order to grind out 1 unit profit.

The Rules of the Oscar's Grind Betting Strategy

  • If you win the first bet, you won 1 unit and the game is over.

  • When you lose a bet, in the next spin you bet the same amount

  • After one or more losing bets followed by a won bet you increase the bet amount by 1 unit as long as you win. The only exception to this rule is when you need fewer units in order to be in overall profit, in which case you only bet the needed units, which would get you overall profit of only 1 unit if won.

  • The game ends when you reach 1 unit profit.

The exception to the rule may be a bit confusing when first using the Oscar's Grind. But it protects your bankroll and it's important to remember that the strategy seeks to literally grind out a 1 unit profit and no more. In the following example for simplicity you play the strategy just betting on Low.

111X1+1+11. Game won. Restart.
46X2+2+22. Game won. Restart.
159X4+4+33. Game won. Restart.
1617X1+1+44. Game won. Restart.
1915X1+1+5Exception rule. 5. Game won. Restart.
202X1+1+66. Game won. Restart.
2117X1+1+77. Game won. Restart.
2228X1-1+6End session.

This is a very positive example of short session playing the Oscar's Grind. First the game is a little forth and back with a six spins loosing streak but then there are more winning streaks boosting your balance up to +7 units. Ending the session with spin No 22 leavse you a net profit of +6 units. The lowest balance was just -4 units what demonstrates the bankroll protective aspect of the strategy. If you use an adequate unit size of lets say $50 you would have raked in a profit of $300 with a starting bank of $250. For comparison see how the Pluscoup Progression does with this spin sample.

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Oscar's Grind

The strength of the Oscar's Grind is also its weakness and rests is the increments of +1 unit always. This conservative progression protects your bankroll during losing streaks but makes it hard to achieve the goal of 1 unit profit if the spin results come alternating or in very short streaks. When you go from 1 unit to 2 units, you are increasing your bet by 100% but when you go from 2 to 3 units, it is an increment of 50% only. Similarly, in 3 to 4 units, it is a 33% increase and from 4 to 5 units, it is 25%. When you get from 13 to 14 units, the increase is negligible in the ratio it was doing in the beginning and that is what makes it ineffective in short streaks.

RNG and Live Dealer Tests of the Oscar's Grind for 32000 bets

For demonstration purpose we have tested a simple roulette system. The rules are just to bet on the Low chance using the Oscar's Grind strategy. The first test run shows the results for the progression if there was no zero on the roulette wheel for the purpose of demonstration how it work for real 50:50 chance games. Hence you know what to expect if you use the strategy e.g for bets on Player at Baccarat. The almost equal distribution of High/Low results with 16043/15957 produces a profit of 4789 units seeing a maximum drowdown to -2509 units. The highest bet amount is 495 units.

The results for single zero roulette wheels are shown in the other two tests. As you can see in the charts most of the time the bet amounts stay relatively moderate but at times they increase up to a maximum of 1087 units in the RNG and 9459 units in the Live Dealer test run. The longest observed losing streaks are 13 spins long in both tests. Due to zero the RNG test showed 15836 won and 16164 lost bets. The live wheel showed 15508 won and 16492 lost bets.

If there are not enough or too short streaks the Oscar's Grind progression may dive so deep into the negative terain that it becomes impossible to recover. The different results of the RNG and the Live Dealer test demonstrates that fact.

RNG Tests Results without Zero

RNG Tests Results

Live Dealer Tests Results