The Pluscoup Progression


How the Pluscoup Progression works

The Pluscoup Progression is a modification of the Oscar's Grind and has many similar variations. It is too a positive progression or "up as you win" progression initially invented for the even chances like Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low. The Pluscoup Progression is a very shallow progression, raising the bet size very slowly. It is a slow-earning betting strategy and in theory you can make a lot of money using this strategy, a large bankroll, and an enormous amount of patience.

On the internet you can find many different alternations of that strategy with mixed up namings. You may find these named as the , the Parlay Progression, the Paroli Strategy or as the Reverse Martingale.

The Rules of the Pluscoup Progression

  • The first bet size is always 1 unit. If you win this first bet, then the game is finished and again you bet 1 unit.

  • If you lose the first bet, the bet size remains 1 unit until to the first win.

  • After your first hit with 1 unit, as long as the balance is negative or zero, after a win you increase the bet size by 1 unit.

  • This raise after a win is to be continued, until either you achieve a positive balance, a set profit goal or up to a specific relation between wins and losses which according to the strategy's theory makes more sense.

The strategy's attempt is to lose low during losing streaks and after - the development of a spread for the even chance results - to gain a substantial win by betting higher during the winning streaks. For example if you play 15 spins and lose 12 spins you have a negative win-lose-spread of -9. If you use that strategy you don't just play for a minimal profit like with the Oscar's Grind. You want to ride the winning streaks in the hope that the spread inverts, inclines at least to zero, or you set a more conservative goal and finish the game round when reached a negative spread of -2 or -3. In the following example for simplicity you play the strategy just betting on Low.

111X1+1+1W 1 : 0 L
231X1-10W 1 : 1 L
35X1+1+1W 2 : 1 L
46X2+2+3W 3 : 1 L
523X3-30W 3 : 2 L
633X3-3-3W 3 : 3 L
731X3-3-6W 3 : 4 L
835X3-3-9W 3 : 5 L
928X3-3-12W 3 : 6 L
1022X3-3-15W 3 : 7 L
119X3+3-12W 4 : 7 L
1215X4+4-8W 5 : 7 L
1323X5-5-13W 5 : 8 L
1417X5+5-8W 6 : 8 L
159X6+6-2W 7 : 8 L
1617X7+7+5W 8 : 8 L
1726X8-8-3W 8 : 9 L
1810X8+8+5W 9 : 9 L
1915X9+9+14W 10 : 9 L
202X10+10+24W 11 : 9 L
2117X11+11+35W 12 : 9 L
2228X12-12+23W 12 : 10 L

This is a very nice example of what you want to see when playing the Pluscoup Progression. First the game is a little forth and back with a six spins loosing streak but then there are more winning streaks boosting your balance up to +35 units. Ending the session with spin No 22 leaves you a net profit of +23 units. Here you see that you don't want to rake in a marginal profit and stop the game despite generous winning streaks are coming up. After spin No 22 having a positive spread of 2 you may want to end that game and start a new one since you already had a negative spread of -4 after spin No 10.

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Pluscoup Progression

The strength of the Pluscoup Progression is also its weakness and rests is the increments of +1 unit always. Even with larger tensions between losses and wins the Pluscoup Progression still leads to remarkable profits. The bankroll requirements are much lower than for other progressions. The conservative progression protects your bankroll during losing streaks but makes it hard to achieve a profit if the spin results come alternating or in very short streaks. When you go from 1 unit to 2 units, you are increasing your bet by 100% but when you go from 2 to 3 units, it is an increment of 50% only. Similarly, in 3 to 4 units, it is a 33% increase and from 4 to 5 units, it is 25%. When you get from 13 to 14 units, the increase is negligible in the ratio it was doing in the beginning and that is what makes it ineffective in short streaks.

RNG and Live Dealer Tests of the Pluscoup Progression for 32000 bets

For demonstration purpose we have tested a simple roulette system. The rules are just to bet on the Low chance using the Pluscoup strategy. The first test run shows the results for the progression if there was no zero on the roulette wheel for the purpose of demonstration how it work for real 50:50 chance games. Hence you know what to expect if you use the strategy e.g for bets on Player at Baccarat. The almost equal distribution of High/Low results with 16024/15976 produces a profit of 8918 units seeing a maximum drowdown to -1470 units. The highest bet amount is 314 units.

The results for single zero roulette wheels are shown in the other two tests. As you can see in the charts most of the time the bet amounts stay relatively moderate but at times they increase up to a maximum of 7045 units in the RNG and 15055 units in the Live Dealer test run. The longest observed losing streaks are 18 spins long and 15 spins long respectively. Due to zero the RNG test showed 15543 won and 16457 lost bets. The live wheel showed 15574 won and 16426 lost bets.

RNG Tests Results without Zero

RNG Tests Results

Live Dealer Tests Results