The Van Keelen Test


What the Van Keelen Test is about

The Van Keelen Test is a simple method to determine the quality of a system. It is named after its creator the Dutchman St. Van Keelen and was invented some decades ago. It is rather simple to use, less mathematical than the Ecart and may help to evaluate the efficiency of your roulette system.

The test requires you to check yor system over a certain number of placed bets and it implies the interrelation between the system's net gain and the number of made stakes. A minimum of 1.000 flat bets (no progression) are required for a valide result. Please note that the test requires the actual bets and not the wheel spins you observe or track until a trigger for your system's bet singal appears. To check a system over 1.000 spins has no meaning as it may take up to 500 or 1.000 spins before a system finds a trigger for a single bet!

With 100.000 tested bets, even a negative result can attest a good system. Because if a system indicates a real superiority over ZERO, the possibility exists, that with an adapted progression continuous gains can be obtained.

The Test Procedure

  • Decide how many bets you want to test your system with.

  • Look up the required minimum profit result which is expected in the Van Keelen Table. That is the number in the spin column and the chance row.

  • If your system can reach or even top the figure in the Van Keelen Table you have a good system that is worth to be played.

For example, lets say your system is desinged for bets on even chances. You are willing to take it to the test for 1.000 actual bets. You look up the figure in the row for even chances crossing the column of 1.000 bets and find the entry > 100 which means "more then 100 units profit". So if the result of your test shows more then 100 units profit you have a good system at hand for real money play.

Van Keelen Table1.000 bets8.000 bets100.000 bets
Even chances bets> 100> 60> -1.000
Dozen & Collumn bets> 50> 40> -2.000
Line bets> 100> 200> -600
Corner bets> 200> 500> 0
Straight-Up bets> 500> 1.500> 500

Tipp: Read the Van Keelen Table like this:

Even chance bets (Black/Red/Even/Odd/High/Low). A system indicates a genuine superiority if:
1. after 1.000 placed bets a profit of more than 100 units was gained.
2. after 8.000 placed bets a profit of more than 60 units was gained.
3. after 100.000 placed bets a result better than -1.000 units was obtained.